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Difference Between a Proxy & VPN

proxy vs vpn

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Always on, protect everything!

free Proxy service only works on your internet browser and you have to come to this page to use it. But Hidemyass VPN service works on your whole internet connection, including mobile phones, games consoles and apps like Skype.

Global access

free Proxy has servers in just one or two countries, but Hidemyass VPN has servers in 190+ countries, and rising. The result? No more barriers to accessing your favourite websites from other countries – or getting to websites back home when you are abroad.

More speed, more security

Hidemyass VPN is faster than Proxy service, even streaming HD video easily. And while our Proxy service offers some protection from hackers, Hidemyass VPN service uses encryption trusted by governments as unbreakable.

Improve Online Anonymity with VPN Services

A VPN service can improve your online privacy and anonymity!

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