5 Best & Cheapest VPN For Torrenting 2017:

cheap best vpn for torrentingSearching a VPN which allow you to download torrent files could be challenging. The first challenging you face about this is privacy because not all VPN companies who allow torrenting have zero log privacy policy where the second challenge is the price. Usually, the company who allow you to download torrent files and file share features on P2P websites cost a lot as compare to non-torrenting VPN companies.

VPN torrenting means that you are allowed using the protocols of BitTorrent and other torrent clients. This will allow you to download unlimited movies, TV shows, games, software, ebooks, and applications etc. These VPN servers are usually located in the countries where no complex laws related to cyber and torrent exists. When you choose their VPN servers for torrent downloading, you have been assigned with totally new identity from these countries where torrent is allowed to download. So, in short, you do not break any cyber law and rule of online piracy because, at the time when you are torrenting, your online identity gets changed.

We have ranked the following list of 5 best and cheapest VPN for torrenting on the basis of their monthly prices and features they are offering regarding your online privacy and security etc. Instead of talking about random features the following best and cheapest VPN for torrenting, we have made sure to give you maximum inside about these companies. This information is important to know before you get subscribe with any of these. As data encryption is not the only thing which makes your online activities hidden from the agencies but also the logs privacy policy which has been offered by the VPN company to their customers.

#1 PureVPN (The Cheapest):

purevpn 10 years

There are so many reasons due to which we have ranked PureVPN number #1 as cheapest and best VPN for torrenting. It does not only have most less monthly subscription rates but offers you numerous different features which will make torrenting for you very comfortable. PureVPN is one of the oldest company who is providing VPN services. It has been about 10 years since PureVPN allowing their customers to download torrent files on their VPN servers without worrying about your online security and privacy.

To make your torrenting experience exclusive, they are offering multiple security features which include no 3rd party for your data, 256-bit data encryption, multiple protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSTP etc. They also offer you feature like automatic protocol selection dedicated IP, 88,000 IPs for extra security, DDoS protection, and NAT FireWall etc.

get purevpn discountpurevpn pricesMonthly plan of PureVPN cost you $11 per month but you can reduce this amount to $11 $2.45 per month (Limited Time Offer!) simply by purchasing their 2-year plan. They do have a six-month plan for users as well which cost $9 per month. PureVPN also offers 7 days money back guarantee along with more than 50 options to make payments which include PayPal, AliPay, Bitpay, Coinpayments, PaymentWall, Cashu and Gift Cards etc.

get purevpn discountThe feature of PureVPN includes:

  • 750+ VPN servers in 141 countries which are located in all around the globe
  • Option to use single PureVPN account on 5+ different devices simultaneously
  • PureVPN is compatible with more than 20+ devices including Smart devices
  • Unlimited server switching options, bandwidth and downloading speed etc
  • PureVPN has 99.99% uptime on their all servers and offer split tunneling option
  • 3rd party for your data, 256-bit data encryption, multiple protocols including PureVPN.

With the biggest network of VPNs for torrenting, PureVPN is offering ultra-fast downloading speed on all of their VPN servers. Whether you switch to Asian VPN servers or American VPN servers, you will enjoy same fast internet speed.

Along with great features, PureVPN is offering multiple options to get in touch with their customer support team. They are also allowing you to chat with their customer support agent for instant help.

get purevpn discount#2 NordVPN (User’s Choose):

nordvpn home

NordVPN is known for its extra security features. Unlike other VPN for torrenting, NordVPN is offering you several options to add extra layers of security and online privacy to hide your online identity completely or even twice. To make it easy and comfortable for users who are looking for VPN for torrenting, NordVPN is allowing them to use their extra features. This extra feature includes an option like double data encryption and onion over VPN. NordVPN is also one of those few VPN companies who have clearly mentioned on their website that they welcome torrent clients and P2P websites otherwise usually companies hide this feature.

get nordvpnWithout a second thought, NordVPN is One of the Best VPN for torrenting available at the moment. The standard monthly package cost $11.95 per month but you can reduce this amount to $11.95 $3.29 per month by purchasing their 2-year plan. You can also save more than 50% by purchasing their yearly plan which will reduce the monthly price to $5.75 per month. NordVPN is offering 30 days money back guarantee and gives you many options to make payment in which methods like PayPal, Credit Card and Bitcoin are notable.

  • 933 VPN servers located in 57 different countries and hundreds of cities
  • Unlimited downloading speed, bandwidth, and data with no restriction
  • Automatic kill switch option to keep your online activities anonymous
  • Zero log policy for all users. Even your account information has not been stored
  • Customized software and mobile application make it easiest VPN ever
  • Single NordVPN account can be used up to 6 different devices simultaneously.

get nordvpnNordVPN has more than 900 VPN servers. It was not possible for us to test downloading speed on all of them. But for the review, we have tested the downloading speed of one server from each country to help you to decide whether NordVPN is worth to buy for torrenting or not. Our experience with all of these VPN servers was excellent. We did not face any problem at all in downloading torrent. The downloading speed was smooth and almost same as our internet speed without using VPN.

Customer services is an important expect of a company where you are spending your money. NordVPN offers different options for this including the option to chat with their team 24 hours a day. They also have knowledge bank where you can read manuals and solutions to solve different types of errors.

get nordvpn#3 ExpressVPN (Editor Choose) :

expressvpn home

The third best VPN for torrenting (Not Cheapest But The Best) is popular ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is also our favorite VPN company other than torrenting purpose because they are not only offering you the option to use VPN to download torrent, but they have a huge list of features which guaranteed you your online security while you are suffering the internet on your computer or mobile devices etc.

expressvpn best vpnThe monthly price of ExpressVPN is $12.95 per month but this is the standard price. You can save up to 35% money by purchasing their yearly plan which will cost you $8.32 per month. ExpressVPN also offers you 30 days 100% money back guarantee which allow you to test their services before you permanently moved to their VPN servers for torrenting. The payment methods include Credit card of all types, PayPal, Bitcoin and other online payment solution like WebMoney and UnionPay etc.

The networks of ExpressVPN are SSL secured with 256-bit encryption which is best for those who are looking for VPN for torrenting. This also ensures you that any information you are putting online will not get stored at any point. But this is not the only features you need to know about ExpressVPN. Other than just these, the company is providing you following features to make you online identity anonymous in much better ways:

expressvpn best vpn

  • 145+ VPN servers located in different 145 cities and 94 different countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth, server switches option and downloading speed for all users
  • 9% uptime on all VPN servers including servers located in Asian countries
  • Strong encryption solution including multiple protocols like PPTP and OpenVPN etc
  • Zero logging policy of network traffic and traffic related to torrenting and P2P
  • Option to use a single account on 3 different devices without any reduction in speed.

As you can see above that ExpressVPN has one VPN server in each city of different countries. This assures you the quality of downloading speed. We got a chance to download torrent files on their different VPN servers. Surprisingly, there was not much difference in downloading speed and we have received same internet speed which we were getting without the usage of VPN services. Their verity of servers in more than 94 countries assure you your online security and provide you option to download torrent files by switching VPN server to those countries where there is no law against torrenting exist.

There are multiple options available on ExpressVPN website to get in touch with their customer support team in which you have the option to chat directly with their agent. But we did not use any of these services as everything on their knowledge based center was explained which is enough to solve your problems without any consultation of their customer support team.

expressvpn best vpn#4 Private Internet Access (Excellent VPN):

private internet access home

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the oldest company out there who start offering VPN services to the world. This is why they call themselves the leader of anonymous VPN industry. In the start, their services were very limited but with the passage of time, they have introduced better data encryption, online security solution, and a flexible privacy policy. Today, they are known as one of the best company in the term to get a great solution of VPN. Due to their popularity among the online world, their services have been features on world known online newspaper and technology blogs. We have included it in our list of best and cheapest VPN for torrenting due to their cheap yearly and monthly prices.

get pia

The standard price of PIA is only $6.95 per month but you can save a lot of money if you purchase their six month or yearly packages because they cost online $5.99 per month and $3.33 per month respectively. you can save 52% by purchasing their yearly package which cost a total $39.95 per year only. PIA does not offer any type of free trial but they do offer a 7-day money back guarantee to new users only. This period allows you to test their services and get your money back in case if you are not happy with their VPN services. They payment methods with private internet access currently accept includes PayPal, Amazon pay, Credit Card, Mint, Z-Cash, and Bitcoin etc.

You do not need to configure or change the settings of the torrent client to download torrent files. When you log in to your PIA account on any device, your whole internet connection will be turned into anonymous which means that you can download torrenting without any further change in your system and any configuration etc.

To provide the complete secure solution for torrenting to their customer, the company is offering multiple security features which include different protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP etc. They also have set no traffic logs policy for all users, of which, there is no activity of users has been stored on the systems of PIA including the personal information about the users. PIA also provides you option of SOCKS5 Proxy for an extra layer of data encryption. The other features which make PIA an exclusive VPN company for torrenting includes features like:

get pia

  • 3250+ VPN servers located in 25 different countries including Asian countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth which means no limit if set for torrent downloading
  • Customized software and mobile application works with all major operating system
  • Multiple VPN gateways features allow you to surf internet anonymous continuously
  • The software allow you to block ads, malware, trackers and from the hackers
  • Encryption Wi-Fi for all users to download torrent on public internet connections.

To maintain fast downloading speed, PIA has set their VPN servers in those countries where internet downloading speed it fast. We have tested some of their VPN servers to test that that fast they are in term of downloading torrent. We have received almost same downloading speed which we were getting without any VPN. The option of switch VPN server did not affect the download speed as well.

Private Internet Access offers multiple options to get in touch with their customer support team. This option also includes chatting with their team member to get instant help. They also have a FAQ section with readymade question and answers which allow you to solve your problem without any help of their team members.

get pia#5 IPVanish (Good Choose):

ipvanish home

The fifth item in our list of top 5 best and cheapest VPN for torrenting is IPVanish. We have included IPVanish in our list not just because of their cheap yearly package but also due to its popularity among the online community. Their VPN servers have been featured on world popular technology blogs, news portals, and other websites. Other than just offering the option to switch to 750+ VPN servers, IPVanish also shared with you the list of 40,000+ shared IPs to provide you an extra option to get your online activities and privacy more secure.

ipvanish discountStandard monthly subscription cost only $10 per month but you can save 25% and 46% simply by purchasing their 3 month or yearly subscription respectively. By purchasing their yearly plan, the price will be reduced to $6.49 per month only. While the price of their monthly plan is low but still they are offering 7 days money back guarantee to new users with a flexible policy. IPVanish has multiple options to accept your payment which includes PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa card and other online payment methods etc.

IPVanish is had excellent downloading speed, which will enhance your torrenting experience. Their customized software and the mobile application did not allow you to download torrent on computer devices but also on your mobile and tablets etc. To provide you full freedom to their customer to enjoy torrenting, IPVanish is offering zero traffic log policy rule. So information regarding their customer’s online activities has been stored or shared with any third party. The other list of features which IPVanish offers to their users includes:

ipvanish discount

  • 40,000+ shared IPs and 750+ VPN servers which are located in more than 60 countries
  • They have unlimited rule in which you are allowed to download unlimited torrent files
  • One account of IPVanish can be used on five different devices at a time with unlimited bandwidth
  • Along with torrenting, unlimited P2P traffic is allowed to all users with no restriction
  • Several data encryption options available including OpenVPN, PPTP, and other protocols
  • IPVanish support all the popular operating systems including Ubuntu, iOS Android, and Windows.

Other than above features, IPVanish offers you a solution to download torrent files on VPN servers with ultra-fast downloading speed. Their servers are located in the premium locations all around the world to provide you only high quality downloading speed. You can use VPN server of any location for the torrenting and downloading purpose.

IPVanish offers excellent customer services. They have options like online ticket system, FAQ section, readymade knowledge bank and option to send an email to the team member to get help.

ipvanish discount


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