Best Online VPN Browser 2017:

Virtual private network or VPN is a network will allow you to surf the internet without worrying about your online privacy. Different people use it for different purposes. For example, generally it has been used to hide IP address, get access to block website and content etc where for business, they use VPN to secure their business ideas, dealing, customer content details and much more stuff secure from hackers and competitors. Now a day, VPN is also famous to watch movies at Netflix US as the movie list on other countries Netflix is very limited.

There are different ways to use VPN. Mostly, the companies sell their software along with VPN package. This allows you to turn your whole internet connection anonymous. This also allows you to use it VPN through Wi-Fi connection without doing any extra setting. But this costs a lot. The regular price for such type of VPN services start from as low as $4 per month and it could be raised up to $15 per month. There is another option available for those who want to use VPN only for web browsing purpose. This option is called online VPN browser.

Like VPN software, online VPN browser works in the same way to protect your online privacy but its services are limited to the web browser only. This is why most of the VPN browsers are free or come with very low prices as compare to standard VPN services.

There are dozens of free and paid VPN browsers are there for those who are looking to browse website anonymous but not all of them are “best”. We have recently tested some of these best online VPN browsers and found some of them very excellent. Following we are sharing reviews about some of the best online VPN browser. So, if you are looking for one, then we hope that our review will help you to decide that which fulfill your needs and which best online VPN browser should be downloaded to enjoy VPN services while browsing websites.


tor browser

Tor is famous for its excellent features while it is one of the oldest VPN browsers. A list of best online VPN browsers is incomplete without talking about TOR. This is why we are mentioning this first. Initially, TOR was designed and developed for the USA navy but later it was available to the world for free. Even after a lot of popularity, TOR is still free to download and use. There are so many news about TOR has been published in past. It is popular about TOR that it has been used by journalists to converse with sources while military in some countries still relies on TOR to avoid glaring. We love TOR because of its user-friendly design. TOR works same as Firefox work. There are limited numbers of servers available to switch identity and support all the computer languages. To visit different websites like Flash only website, you do not need to install any extra plug-in.


cyberghost vpn browser

Like TOR, CyberGhost is also a free VPN browser but it is advanced in so many ways as compare to TOR. The company updates their web browser on regular basis due to which their services are being improved day by day. But this does not come with free. Yes, it is free that there is a free plan of CyberGhost exists but it comes up with limited features. To enjoy 5 times faster the internet and get access to more than 600 VPN servers, you need to purchase premium account of CyberGhost which cost $2 per month. It is popular that CyberGhost offers military grade security services to their users to protect them from hackers. To use their advanced encryption feature, you do not need to install any additional web browser on your computer or mobile device. Their VPN browser also protects you from hackers when you are using the internet through the public Wi-Fi connection.

hide me vpn browser offers both; free and paid options to the users but their free version comes up with very limited features. You are only allowed to use 2GB of data under their free package with 3 locations only. But you can enjoy all the premium features in $5 per month only. This VPN browser has their VPN servers listed in many countries including Canada, USA, and the UK etc. It is a bit expensive than other because of their ultra-fast internet speed and number of features. They do have different VPN browsers for different operating systems including VPN browser for iOS and Android etc. To test their services before you purchase the premium services, it is great to use their free version. The good thing about is that they do not track the log of their users including has zero log policy for all type of users including free users.


opera vpn browser

Opera one of the world popular web browser available to download and use. It is also the first mainstream web browser which comes up with built-in VPN services. You do not need to install any extra plug-in or extension to use VPN on Opera browser except you need to download their Opera version for developers. The VPN services on Opera is totally free but has very limited number of VPN servers. The VPN server of Opera is located in Germany, Canada, and the USA. So, if you already have Opera on your computer or mobile device then switch to its developer’s version to get access to their VPN services for free.

That’s not it. You can also enjoy VPN services in your mainstream web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox by installing third party VPN extension. These extensions are usually free and come up with advanced VPN features. Some of these VPN extensions are ZenMate and Browse VPN etc. Although, these extensions and Plug-ins are available for Android and iOS operating system too and work in same way as they work on your computer devices.

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