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best proxy vpnIf you are using the internet, then you should be concern about your online privacy and security. Why? Because there are so many people who can track your online activities which include your internet service provider, the company who is providing you the internet, government, cyber police, network administrator, and hackers. They all use your information for their own purposes. For example, the one who is providing you internet connection is concern about your activities as you can use illegal software where other are concern about your online activities to track that what you are doing online. This is why you should be concern about your online privacy.

There are very limited options available which you can hide your online activities from all of those who can track you easily with the help of your IP. VPN and proxy have been used for this purpose. Both have their own advantages, so we cannot ignore both of them. For some people, the proxy is a better choice while for others VPN is the better choice as it comes up with more features and option to protect your online privacy.

The companies out there who are selling VPN services and web proxy services usually sell them. I don’t remember any other company best than HideMyAss who sell both of them to their customers.

Before we further talk about HideMyAss and their Proxy VPN services in detail, let see the reason behind using VPN and proxy and what type of freedom you will able to enjoy by using HideMyAss proxy VPN.

HideMyass Voted #1 Best Proxy VPN Service For 2017

visit hidemyassWhy should you use Proxy VPN?

Defiantly, your online privacy is enough reason to switch to proxy VPN but do you know that by using proxy VPN of HideMyAss, you get the freedom to use the internet without any restriction? Yes, some of the benefits you will enjoy by using HideMyAss proxy and VPN are mentioned below:

  • You will get full access to Netflix USA, does not matter that where you are living.
  • You can download torrent files without worrying about the law of your country.
  • HideMyAss VPN services allow you to download upload files from P2P network in privacy.
  • HideMyAss VPN and proxy allow you to use public Wi-Fi connection without worrying about hackers.
  • You can clock your VOIP phone called and video calls by using proxy VPN.
  • Proxy VPN allow you to bypass web censorship which has been set by government.
  • You can access any type of content and website whether you are in school or workplace.

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What makes HideMyAss Proxy VPN best?

As mentioned before. You will never found any other company who are selling both Proxy and VPN at one place while HideMyAss is doing this since past 13 years. They also have a list of free proxy which anyone can enjoy but by purchasing their premium services, you get access to about 1000 VPN Server and 100,000+ IPS for the proxy. Following we are sharing detail review of HMA, which will help you to understand further that why HideMyAss is best Proxy VPN.

Price and Plans:

hidemyass review priceHideMyAss is offering three different price plans. They are only different from each other on the basis of price otherwise you will enjoy the same features in all of them. The standard price of HideMyAss is $11.52 per month but if you purchase their 6-month package then the price will be reduced to $8.33 per month (you will save 28%). Their 12-month package will allow you to save 43% because the monthly price will be reduced to $11.52 $6.55 per month or $78.66 for the whole year.

Payment methods: The company allows you to make payment through almost all possible ways. You can use PayPal, Debit card, Credit card, Bitcoins and other online money transfer services to purchase VPN and Proxy from HdeMyAss.

Money Back Guarantee: For the first timers, HideMyAss also offer 30 days money back guarantee. This guarantee comes up with some terms and condition but it is a great opportunity for those who want to take a trial of HMA before they actually purchase it for their personal or professional use.

HideMyass Voted #1 Best Proxy VPN Service For 2017

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Internet Speed:

We understand that internet speed of a VPN server and web proxy is the most important thing to consider before calling any company “best”. We ensure you that we have tested different VPN servers of HMA and their proxies before giving them the title of best proxy VPN. It is also true that some of their servers have issues and you may face the slow downloading speed but their server switch option will allow you to use the internet smoothly without getting disturbed by the bad VPN servers and proxies.

On their UK and US based servers we received almost same internet speed which we were getting on our internet without using VPN. The results of their servers located in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Australia is not much different. So, use it without worrying about internet downloading speed.

Customer Services:

There are several options available to get in touch with the supporting team of HMA. You can chat with their agent online through their website, send them your questions and get the solution of your problems by reading their readymade knowledge case section. HMA also have a community board where you can get help from their existing users and professional moderators who have been trained to solve your VPN and proxy related problems. While looking for the experience of their existing customers on another website, we have noticed that the team of HideMyAss is very active to solve the problems of their users even on third party websites. You can also reach to the supporting team through their social media accounts.

HideMyass Voted #1 Best Proxy VPN Service For 2017

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  • HMA gives you freedom to use proxy and VPN in one price.
  • More than 100,000+ proxy available to use.
  • More than 1000 Server located in 360+ locations all around the world.
  • About 1000 VPN servers are available to use.
  • VPN servers are located almost in all countries of Earth.
  • Good internet speed and excellent customer services.
  • HMA allow you torrent downloading, BitTorrent and P2P.
  • HideMyAss also offer 30 days money back guarantee.


  • The application does not have advanced features.


We will rank HideMyAss 5 out of 5. Indeed there are some cons too but which company does not have them? HMA is providing you access to so many proxies and VPN servers which you cannot found anywhere else.

HideMyass Voted #1 Best Proxy VPN Service For 2017

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