Best VPN for Online Gaming 2017:

VPN for online gaming may sound silly but trust me, it can change the whole way of playing the online game because VPN will not only allow you to play those online games which are banned in your country but also protect you from hackers, online viruses, companies who steal users information and much more.

Using VPN connection while playing online gives you extra security. The online gaming word is very greedy. The online competitors may try to hack your system to get illegal access to your computer to win the game. This could be turning into something very dangerous as well if the hacker steals your personal data.

Also, you are not allowed to play online games when you are free in school, college, university or workplace due to restrictions set by your school’s administrator or your employer. The VPN can allow you to break all of these restrictions and play online games any time without worrying of geographic restriction.


Why you need VPN for online gaming?

The reason could be varied person to person. For example, a user living in the USA would like to get VPN for online gaming to reduce ping time while a user living in Saudi Arabia would like to use VPN to play those games which have been blocked by government etc. So, the reason could vary and every gamer has its own necessities when it’s come to choose VPN. But the following reasons are very common which makes you use VPN for online gaming:

1- Play blocked games with a VPN

The online gaming world is not much free as you think. There are certain games which are blocked in certain countries due to religious and political issued. Just like we have BBC player and Netflix blocked in many countries, there are certain games which are blocked in regions, states, and countries. For example games like Red Dead Redemption is blocked in UAE and Saudi Arabia and Pokémon Go is blocked Iran etc. Other than this, certain places do not allow you to play games including school and workplace etc. With the help of VPN, you can get rid of these restrictions and play any online game.

2- Protect your computer from hackers

It is normal to get hacked while playing games if you are not using Firewall and antivirus. With the help of VPN, you can protect your computer from hackers who are usually your competitors in the online game. VPN change your online identity which makes it impossible for hackers to track your device.

3- Reduce ping for fast speed with a VPN

VPN has been proven a good solution to reduce online pings. This happened because VPN can help you stabilize your internet connection by connecting you with a stable VPN server. When you have a stable connection, your internet connection’s ping has been reduced which also improve downloading and uploading speed.

4- Get games update early with a VPN

Another great feature of using VPN for online gaming is that you will able to unblock games early. This can be happened simply by changing the time of your server by connecting to a VPN server of the country which has different time and date. For example, if a game is about to unblock at midnight and it is morning in your country then you can change your location to another country where it is already midnight. This will allow you to unblock games early.

How to choose best VPN for online gaming?

When you are choosing a VPN for your online gaming, make sure to consider few things. You must be comfortable with the prices and plan which suit your budget. You must also take care about downloading speed because a slow VPN server can ruin your whole experience of playing online games. Other features like security, privacy and log should be on your list.

For me, a fast VPN connection would be the first priority because it will improve my overall gaming experience. I would be even ready to pay bit extra to get fast VPN connection for online gaming to avoid other problems.

What is the best VPN for online gaming?

We have test VPN services of different companies for the sake of writing this review and give an honest opinion about different companies to our readers. Instead of talking about top 3 best VPN for online gaming or top 5, we will talk about only 1 VPN which is best among all, which is called ExpressVPN. There are several reasons for that and following you will read all of them.

expressvpn best vpn

Why is ExpressVPN best VPN for online gaming?

The security features, affordable price, and customized VPN software make ExpressVPN is an extra ordinary company to play online games. It is true that their monthly rates are bit high as compared to other VPN companies but the company is offering big discount on six months and 12 months packages. So, if you are worried about the price only then this is a great option for you. Although this price, you are getting more than your expectation. Express VPN is the only company who has their VPN servers in 94 different countries.

Prices and Plans:

expressvpn pricesFor online gamers, the price should not be something for what they could compromise with a VPN company who offer high-quality services. ExpressVPN cost $12.95 per month. In this price, you will able to get access to all features. You do not need to pay extra to upgrade either. If you are looking for long term VPN solution for online gaming then you can consider the six month and yearly plans of ExpressVPN because it will save you money. The price of the six-month plan is only $9.99 per month where the price of same plan for 12 months is $8.32. This means that you will save 35% simply by choosing a plan with more months.

expressvpn best vpnMoney back guarantees: If you have not used VPN for online gaming before and not sure whether ExpressVPN is a good choice for you or not, then you can take advantage of their 30 days money back guarantee. This allows you to get your money back in 30 days if you do not get impressed with their services of finding that it is not feasible with your online gaming requirements.

Payment methods: You do not need to worry about the payment methods because there are many options available for this. You can pay with any bank’s Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin or use other online solutions to make payment. They also accept payment through Gift cards and wire transfer companies.

expressvpn best vpn

Speed test:

Downloading and uploading speed of a VPN server is most important thing for online gamers when they are selecting a VPN company for online gaming. Because your whole effort can end with no result if you did not take right action in the game on right time due to poor uploading and downloading speed. Thankfully, ExpressVPN has shown the very positive result to us when we have played an online game on their several VPN servers.

Their servers are located in different 145 cities and 94 countries. We have a great option to choose servers from different countries but we could not test each of them to confirm their uploading and downloading speed. That’s why we have tried their several VPN servers to judge the overall performance of their VPN servers located in different countries.

expressvpn best vpn

The servers located in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK has performed very well. This server was much stable than our own internet connection due to which the ping has been reduced and we able to play the game more quickly. There was not much difference in downloading and uploading speed. We were getting the same speed with their VPN servers which we were getting without a VPN server on our internet connection.

Although to make sure that changing location during a game would have any negative effect or not, we tried continuously playing the game while using server switch options. We have not noticed any negative effect. The game was played smoothly with good ping game, download and uploading speed.

expressvpn best vpn

Customer support:

ExpressVPN offers 24-hour customer services. There is no specific time for playing a game. So, you do not need to be worried about to get help from their customer support team if you face any problem while using their VPN services. Their team is friendly and good in dealing with customer issues. They offer several options to get in touch them. You can send them a direct message, watch their video tutorial to solve the problem without any assistance or read the guide from FAQ section. You can also take help from other members through an online forum and their support center.expressvpn best vpn


Overall, we get impressed with the services of ExpressVPN, Yes, it is bit expensive but it does not really matter because they are offering more than you needed for online gaming. The VPN services of ExpressVPN will enhance your overall online gaming experience by providing security, allow you to play blocked games and increase speed by reducing pings. If you are looking for VPN for online gaming, then you must give a chance to ExpressVPN.

expressvpn best vpn

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