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Do you know your online privacy is always at risk if you are not using an online solution like VPN? Yes, a network provider can always see that what type of content you are visiting online including sensitive information (password, financial information and much more). Hackers can also hack your device easily if you are not using data encryption solution while using the internet on public Wi-Fi connections etc. So, if you are concern about your online privacy then you must protect it with the help of VPN services.

Today, there are dozens of companies out there who are offering VPN services. All of them claimed to be best. But you cannot judge them until you actually purchase their services and test. While there are so many VPN companies out there, among them ExpressVPN is quite famous. They are famous because of their ultra-fast downloading speed, locations of their VPN servers and features they are offering to their customers. But this is not enough to know before you spend your money and purchase their services.

expressvpn best vpnThere are multiple things you must know about before purchasing their services which includes the information about different prices and plans, features they are offering, customer support, internet speed and much more. To help you to decide whether ExpressVPN is a good option for you or not? Following I am sharing a detailed review of ExpressVPN. This Express review is based on my opinion and my experience with the company. I have tried to inform you about their services as deep as possible to help you to decide whether you must purchase their services or not.

Price and Plans:

expressvpn prices

ExpressVPN offers three different types of packages. These packages are only differing from each other on the basis of price, not features. You will enjoy the same feature, does not matter that which plan you choice. The standard price of their monthly package is $12.95 per month but if you are looking for a long term VPN solution then you can save the money by purchasing their yearly or even 6 month plans. The price of the 6-month package is $59.95 per month which reduced the cost from $12.95 per month to $9.99 per month, where their 12-month plan allows you to save up to 35% on their standard prices because it will cost you only $8.32 per month or $99.95 per year.

expressvpn best vpn

Payment options:

Expressvpn Payment Option

Payment options could be the reason for many of you due to which you cannot purchase services from your favorite company due to a limited number of options available to make payment. But this does not happen in the case of ExpressVPN. They are offering multiple payment solutions to their customers. They accept all types of Credit Cards from all around the world, PayPal, Bitcoin and other online wire transfer solutions etc.

expressvpn best vpn

30 Days Risk-Free:expressvpn 30 money back

If you are using ExpressVPN for the very first time, then you have the option to take the trail of their services. Their 30 Days Risk-Free option allows you to get your money back in case if you are not happy with their services. It is true that this option comes up with some policy to follow but still, they provides you enough options to test their VPN services before you decided to become their permanent customer. So, do not hesitate to purchase their monthly or yearly plan if you are purchasing VPN services first time because you will have the option to get your money back if you do not get satisfied with their services in first 30 days. This option is available on all of their three plans.

expressvpn best vpn


expressvpn features

The basic features of ExpressVPN allow you to hide your IP address, visit those websites which have been blocked by your internet service provider or by the government and download torrent files without worrying about your online privacy. Other than this, there are multiple features which make ExpressVPN different from other VPN companies and the detail about these features has been mentioned below:

Unlimited Bandwidth: ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth on all of their plans. This also includes the bandwidth which you will use on torrent. Usually, the companies who allow you to download torrent files do not offer this feature but Expressvpn is not one of them.

Unlimited Speed: If you have used VPN services by other companies, then you will notice that they limit download speed with the passage of time (especially in the end of a month) but ExpressVPN does not do this. You will enjoy unlimited downloading speed throughout the month.

expressvpn best vpn

Unlimited Server Switches: Yes, this is true. You can switch to as many as VPN servers you wants to if you are using ExpressVPN. They do not set any restriction on this. This is a great feature especially if you are not happy with internet speed on specific VPN server. You can always switch to other servers.

Zero Log Policy: The logging policy is one of the most important things about which you should concern when you are purchasing servers from VPN. ExpressVPN offers zero log policy. They do not store and share any information related your online activities.

Strong Encryption: ExpressVPN is famous for their strong encryption but this is not the only thing which you have to know about. They offer several protocols to provide you online security which included OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols etc.

99.9% Uptime: To make sure that your keep connected with their VPN servers, ExpressVPN provides you 99.9% uptime on servers.

expressvpn best vpn

Speed Test:

expressvpn speed

As you have noticed that ExpressVPN’s monthly package is bit expensive. This is because, in return, they offer very good internet downloading speed to their customers. They also allow their users to download unlimited torrent files while they are also famous for Netflix. So, having ultra-fast downloading speed is the must for them so that their customer keeps happy with their services. They promise unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed and claimed to have 99.9% uptime. So, having good internet speed is more linked with the reputation of their company.

They have total 145+ VPN servers which are located in 94 different countries and 145 cities. It could take hours to test internet speed on all of their servers. So, I have tried internet speed on some of their random servers for this review. I have received really fast downloading speed. Especially, if you are selecting ExpressVPN, then you must choose it right now as the downloading speed on the torrent client was super smooth. Generally, I have received the same internet speed (nearly) which I was getting on my internet without using their VPN servers. I believe that downloading speed should not be an issue here as you have so many options available to switch to other VPN servers if you are not happy with the performance of a specific VPN server.

expressvpn best vpn

Customer Support:

expressvpn support

ExpressVPN offers total 5 different ways to reach to their team in which they allow you to have live chat with their agent, send them the email through an online contact form or directly to your inbox. The two other options available troubleshooting guides and tutorials in which they has shared solutions of different problems which you can face while using ExpressVPN, especially if you are a new person and using VPN for very first time otherwise I don’t believe that there is any reason to get in touch with their customer support team other than issues related to payment or minor errors etc. The response time to your emails by ExpressVPN is quite fast as compared to other VPN companies. Usually, the companies took the time to reply the non-customers but this does not happen in the case of ExpressVPN. They treat customers and non-customers equally and response to their queries as quickly as possible.

expressvpn best vpn


  • Fastest VPN available
  • Servers are located in more than 95 different countries and 145 cities
  • Unlimited features included like bandwidth, speed and server switches
  • Working fine with American Netflix,Hulu and Online Streaming
  • P2P and Torrenting available with “No-log” Policy
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN company, they offer 99.9% uptime on all servers
  • They have customized software which works on all popular operating systems
  • Several protocols for privacy included PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and L2TP etc
  • ExpressVPN offers zero log privacy on all of their three price and plans
  • Multiple options available to get in touch with their customer support team
  • Downloading speed on their majority of VPN servers is ultra fast.


  • The monthly plan of ExpressVPN is bit expensive as compare to other companies
  • They allow you to use single account on three different devices only

expressvpn best vpn


ExpressVPN certainly one of the major players on the market. I would rate ExpressVPN 4.8 out of 5. The main reason which affects the overall rating of ExpressVPN is their customized software which comes up with old and traditional features. But this could not be the problem for many of you. I would suggest you choose ExpressVPN if you are looking for VPN for torrenting and a VPN company which comes with fast internet downloading speed and high-security features etc.

expressvpn best vpn

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