NordVPN Review 2017:

NordVPN is a popular VPN company which is famous for their fast internet speed, good customer services, low monthly prices and numerous high quality features.

What the three main thing you look into a VPN company before you subscribe to their monthly or yearly plan? For me it’s, price, downloading speed and popularity of the company. But this is not the only things which you need to know about a VPN if you are looking for VPN solution. There are many things which you should consider when you are purchasing something online, especially VPN because this is related and linked with your online security and online privacy. A selection of wrong VPN company could cause trouble for you.

You cannot judge and decide whether you should purchase VPN services from the specific company until you spend money and try it by your own. But to ease this, I am sharing my experience with NordVPN with you. This will gives you an idea about their services, prices, plans, customer support, features, download speed and much more. So, read this NordVPN review till the end to get some ideas. I am sure that this will help you to take the decision whether NordVPN is good for you or not.

Price and Plans:

nordvpn prices

NordVPN allows you to choose one price plan from Four. This is actually a great option for those who are looking for the long-term or short-term solution of VPN. These four packages of NordVPN are only different from each other on the basis of prices otherwise you will receive the same services and features in all of them. The basic plan of NordVPN starts from $11.95 per month but you can a lot of money if you purchase their six months or 12-month or 2 year  plan which cost $7 per month(6 Month Plan) , $5.75 per month (1 year plan) and the Big discount $3.29 per month (24 months plan, LIMITED TIME OFFER !) . This means that you can save maximum 72% discount without using any NordVPN Coupon code or wait for any special promotion to avail the discount.

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We will talk about the detail features of NordVPN later in this review but to get an idea, you will receive basic features on all plans which include access to 800 VPN servers, double encryption system, hide your IP address, surf internet anonymously and option to use single account on six different devices at a time etc.

Payment Options:

nordvpn payment

Credit Cars, PayPal and Bitcoin have been accepted by the company as a payment mode. They do also have many other options to make the payment which includes Alipay and UnionPay etc but a most basic choice to make payment on their website includes all type of Credit Cards, Bitcoin, and PayPal. You can also chat directly with their support’s team in case if you don’t see your desired option to make payment. Their team will guide you how to make payment with a limited option available to you.

get nordvpnMoney Back Guarantee:

Yes, NordVPN offers 30 days money back guarantee but unfortunately, this offer is only valid for the new users who has never been registered with NordVPN in past. But the good news is that you can enjoy this option on all of their three plans. This is a great option for those who want to take a trial of their services before actually purchase them. This policy comes up with some rules but still, you will able to enjoy up to 10GB data to test their VPN servers performance and decide whether it is a good choice for you or not.

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NordVPN is known for their high-quality security features. According to the company, you won’t found the similar features on their competitor websites for the same price. Usually, you need to pay extra money to enjoy extra security features but this does not happen in the case of NordVPN. They are providing extra layers of security free of charge to their customers. So, instead of talking about their general features, I would like to talk about their security features and those which you may not find on other VPN companies:

Double Data Encryption: Usually the VPN companies provide you single data encryptions, which is enough to secure your online privacy but to build more trust in their customers; NordVPN is providing double data encryption for the peace of mind. So, if you are the one who is still worried about your data while using VPN, then this is a great option for you.

Automatic Kill Switch: Do you know that your identity can be revealed when you get disconnected from VPN server? To ease this issue, NordVPN is offering the great feature which is called automatic kill switch. This option will allow you to get connected with alternative VPN server in case if you get disconnected from a VPN server. So, a chance of the exposure of your data is zero.

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Onion Over VPN: Another great security feature of NordVPN is Onion Over VPN or TOR over VPN. This will allow you to get benefits of both TOR and VPN at one place. You can add extra layers of encryption to protect yourself from hackers while suffering the internet. Usually, you need to download extra software for TOR, but NordVPN’s customized software gives you the option to use it without any additional software.

Dedicated IP: You have to pay extra to enjoy dedicated IP on VPN server on other sites but NordVPN gives you this premium feature for free. This feature allows you to get static IP address which is useful when you are using VPN on websites which required you to enter a password or make payments etc. Also, by using this option, you can also increase the downloading speed of your Internet as the whole server will be assigned to you.

DNS Leak Resolver: You probably hear or read that sometimes DNS servers send unencrypted data to VPN servers due to which the identity of the person can be revealed including the important data like what type of website he/she suffering etc. But NordVPN provides you a solution for this with their latest DNS leak resolver feature which keeps all DNS queries secure from the third party.

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Speed Test:

NordVPN is famous for its fast downloading feature. So, to keep their standard high, they make sure to provide high quality and ultra-fast downloading speed to their all users. But this does not really happen because some of their servers which are located in third world countries like India have quite slow downloading speed. But still, this speed is enough to enjoy the internet without any buffering problem. Especially, if you have decided to purchase NordVPN to download or watch movies on Netflix, then you have no need to be worried about the downloading speed, as its work very smooth on the majority of their VPN servers.

They have more than 800 VPN servers all around the world. Testing internet speed on all of them was not possible. So, I have tested their VPN servers which are located in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and China. Frankly speaking, I did not see any major change in my internet speed. I was receiving almost same downloading speed on their VPN servers which I was getting on my internet without using VPN.

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Customer Support:

NordVPN is one of few companies out there who allow their customer to get help through their support team through the telephone. Yes, you can call to the company’s head office if you get stuck somewhere when using their services. Other than this option, you can live chat with their agent, send email, and even get help through discussion forum etc. Their responding time is very quick as they offer 24 hours support to their customers. Defiantly, if you are their customer, then you will get a reply faster as compared to those who are not their customer. On a general note, the reply can take up to 48 hours which totally depends on the nature of your query.

They also have the ready-made section for their customers from where you can get knowledge and solve the problem by your own. You can also reach to their customer supporting team through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc.get nordvpn


  • More than 800 VPN servers which are located in different countries
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • work fine with american netflix
  • Customized VPN software which comes with excellent features
  • Options to enjoy extra data security and online privacy features
  • Use single account on six different devices at a time
  • NordVPN allow you to download torrent and P2P websites etc
  • Ultra-fast downloading speed on most of their VPN servers
  • Options to get a huge discount by purchasing 24 months packages.


  • Monthly package is bit expensive as compare to other companies
  • Replying time to your email as non-customer is slow.

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I would like to rate NordVPN 5 out of 5 but due to cons I have mentioned above, I would rate this VPN company 4.9 out of 5 as these are not really big major issues which can affect the overall performance of the company.

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