Is NordVPN Good for Torrenting 2017?

Online torrenting is very controversial and hot topic now a day. Some of the popular torrent websites have stopped their services due to change in law and all the happenings related to torrents all around the world. I won’t lie, but many people are actually scared and worried about themselves after some of the popular owners of torrent websites got fined and even jailed for offer torrents to the world. But I am not one of them because I know that how to keep you safe when downloading torrent files from the internet.

VPN does not require any introduction because it now becomes one of the common services which people use all around the world (especially in countries like Canada, USA, UK and Australia) to protect their online privacy and surf internet in a much secure way. VPN allows you to download torrent files by hiding your IP address and allow you to surf the internet anonymously. But the question is, which VPN company we need to choose and which company is good for torrenting? Not all companies who are offering VPN services will allow you to download torrent files. So, make sure to ask from their customer services department about torrenting before you invest your money on it.

Recently, I have tried VPN services of several companies who allow their users torrenting. Some of them were outstanding while other disappointed me. Among them, I was happier with the services of NordVPN because they do not just allow you torrenting but also provides you the list of VPN servers with ultra-fast downloading speed. The speed of internet is very important whenever we talk about torrenting because if you do not have fast downloading speed, then there are chances to miss the torrent file as well.

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What makes NordVPN special for torrenting and why I got suppressed with their servers? Well, to know this you need to read this article till the end because following I am sharing my experience with NordVPN in many details. This review will also help you to decide whether NordVPN good for torrenting or not and whether you should purchase their services for torrenting purpose or not.

Price and Plans:

nordvpn prices

Generally, NordVPN offers Four different types of plans which are different from each other on the basis of price only but recently they have introduced a new plan which cost the lowest among all. The standard price to use NordVPN is $11.95 per month which can be renewed every month on the same price, NordVPN is also offering 6 months and 12 months plans which cost only $7 per month and $5.75 per month respectively. By purchasing their six month and yearly plan, you can save up 52% on their standard monthly package price.

Other than above, the new price plan of NordVPN will cost you only $3.29 per month (Limited Time Offer!) but to enjoy this offer and big discount without using any coupon code, you need to purchase their services for two years. This is actually a great offer for those who are looking for a VPN company for the torrenting purpose. You can enjoy the private internet and download unlimited torrent files for two years by paying once.

get nordvpn30 days money back guarantee: For torrenting, you cannot rely on any VPN company’s services until you test them. Only a company who offers high-quality services will give you a chance to take a trial of their services before you actually purchased them. NordVPN is one of them. They are offering 30 days money back guarantee to their new users. Their money back guarantees policy is very flexible and everyone can avail it on their first purchase. So, if you have not used NordVPN before for torrenting, then take advantage of this offer.

Payment methods: Good news, NordVPN offer several options to you to make payment and purchase your monthly or yearly VPN subscription for torrenting. These options include Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin and Paymentwall, which literary accept payment from all type of payment methods available online. The 30 days money back guarantee is not limited to any specific payment methods mode. You will enjoy this offer, does not matter that which option you have chosen to make payment.

get nordvpnFeatures:

NordVPN is offering more than 50 different types of tools and features to their customers. I cannot talk about all of them because it will fill the whole page. So, I am only writing about those features which you must know about and you needed to enjoy torrenting on VPN servers. Following features will mostly talk about privacy, data encryption and your online identity which you must know about if you are purchasing NordVPN for the torrenting purpose.

  1. Double Data Encryption: Online security is one of the most important things which you need to concern when choosing a VPN company for torrenting. A company who provides maximum tools and options for data encryption is good. Unlike other companies, NordVPN is not offering single data encryption but double data encryption option to their all users. This will completely hide your identity and even the identity of the VPN server (fake identity) you are using. Isn’t just amazing?get nordvpn1. No Logs Policy: Companies can share your private information and information related to your online activities but NordVPN is now among them. They are very strict about their customer’s privacy, that’s why they are offering strict no logs policy rule. Under this policy, the will not share and even store any information about their customer’s online activities including their personal information which includes their name, address and phone number etc. For users who are looking for VPN for torrenting, such types of policies are a big relief.
  2. Automatic Kill Switch: Do you know that your identity and original IP address can be exposing at any point if the VPN server got disconnected? There is hardly such type of cases has been recorded but to make sure that this does not happen with their customers, NordVPN is offering the option of an automatic kill switch. This will automatically redirect you to the new VPN server in case if the existing once got disconnected. This option can also be used to automatically redirect from slow VPN servers to the fast one.
  3. Onion Over VPN: Tor is a very popular free VPN software. NordVPN has included it in their features list because their VPN servers will pass by them to provide you an extra layer of data encryption. This option may make internet bit slow but provide you more encryption. You have the option to decide whether you want to use this feature or not and when etc. So, it’s totally up to you.
  4. Dedicated IP: Sometimes you face downloading speed issues on several VPN servers. But you can overcome this by using dedicated IP services of NordVPN. This will allow you to enjoy the complete speed on VPN servers of your choice.
  5. P2P is allowed: Not just torrenting but access to P2P websites are allowed on NordVPN. You can share the content of your choice with other users without worrying about your privacy and online security. You can also download unlimited content from P2P file sharing websites without any restriction.
  6. Multiple Devices Supported: You don’t need to purchase separate NordVPN services to use VPN on multiple devices. NordVPN allows you to enjoy their VPN services for torrenting (and for other purposes) with a single account. You can use a single account on 6 different devices. This will not affect the downloading speed at all. This means that you can download different torrent files on multiple devices at a time on different VPN servers.

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Internet Speed:

nordvpn torrent speedFor torrenting, downloading speed is the most important thing which you should be aware of before spending your money on VPN. Because you can compromise with high prices but not with the slow downloading speed.

NordVPN has about 1000 VPN servers which are located in about 60 countries. Surprisingly, the servers I have tested for downloading has very smooth downloading speed. I have tested their VPN servers from different locations as well to make sure that their all server provide extraordinary downloading speed. Usually, servers located in Asian countries do not have good downloading speed, but this does not happen in the case of NordVPN. Even if this happened, their server kill switch option will redirect to alternative fast VPN server automatically.

I have received almost same downloading speed on NordVPN servers which I was using without VPN.

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Customer Services:

I did not get a chance to get in touch with the customer services team of NordVPN because everything was explained on their website very well while their customized software and mobile application is very easy to use. But for the review purpose, I have looked at the options to get in touch with the customer services team of NordVPN.

They are offering different ways to their customers and visitors (who are planning to purchase their VPN services for torrenting). These options include; live chat with their customer services agent, ticket system, option to send email directly from mailbox to mailbox and online form to get help. They also have other options to solve the problems of their customers which include their online blog, discussion forum, FAQ section and readymade knowledge bank etc. I have not tested their email services but the current customer said that they reply back within hours on the same day of the query.

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  • Very cheap option available for torrenting (24 months package)
  • NordVPN allow you to download unlimited torrent files and P2P
  • Several options available which secure your online privacy
  • The company does not store or share any information about users
  • Very strict no log policy for all customers of the NordVPN
  • Unlimited speed, monthly bandwidth, and fast downloading speed
  • More than 929 VPN servers located in 57 different countries
  • Easy to use software and mobile application for all operating systems
  • High-quality tools like DNS leak resolver and auto kill switch
  • SmartPlay and Streaming services will make your life easy.


  • The price of their standard monthly package is bit high.

get nordvpnConclusion:

I will rate NordVPN for torrenting 5 out of 5 but overall 4.9 out of 5 because the price could be an issue for many people who want to use NordVPN only for one month on their travel to other countries. The best things about NordVPN in terms of torrenting is fast downloading speed and number of VPN servers which you may not found on any other VPN company’s website easily.

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