Private Internet Access (PIA) Netflix Proxy Error Fixed With Alternative VPN

Netflix proxy errorPrivate Internet Access or PIA is one of the popular company who is offering VPN services. It is also one of the oldest company who starts selling VPN services. With the passage of time, they have introduced many features to help their customers to hide their identity and provide them a secure way to surf the internet anonymously. But PIA is not stable as it uses to be. Especially, if you are choosing PIA to access Netflix America to watch movies and TV shows then don’t choose PIA anymore. Why? Because Netflix America has officially banned the VPN servers on their host. This means that you will not able to watch movies and TV shows on American Netflix or Netflix of any other country than the country where you are based in.

If you are currently PIA users and trying to access Netflix through their VPN servers, then you will probably get a proxy error. This proxy error is called or widely known as Netflix proxy error. There are many websites which claimed to help you to solve this error but in reality, there is no such method yet been discovered which can solve Netflix proxy error. Even Private Internet Access has published this news many months ago on their website in which they claim that they don’t know when they will able to get access to Netflix America on their servers.

Currently, there is no single VPN servers of PIA exist which can be used to unblock Netflix. You will get a proxy error on all of their servers.

What is the solution of Netflix proxy error?

expressvpn for netflix usaAs mentioned above, there is no solution for this error exist which means that you need to use different alternative VPN to solve this error and get complete access to Netflix.

Netflix start showing this error early in the year 2016 when they have launched their services worldwide in more than 190 countries. According to Netflix officials, by launching their entertainment services worldwide they have provided access to Netflix to everyone where this is not true. Because Netflix in other countries does not show a complete list of movies and TV shows. To watch them, you need to login to Netflix America which is only possible with the help of VPN.

In the start, Netflix did not block the proxy and VPN servers on their host but later due to increasing in traffic, they have now banned most of the companies on their servers who use to offer VPN services to their customer to unblock Netflix. But still, there are many companies who do not get affected by this ban or they have solved the Netflix proxy error, which means that by using their VPN services, you can still watch movies and TV shows on Netflix.

So, to solve the proxy error, simply replace PIA’s VPN services with its alternative companies who still allow their users to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix.

What are the best alternatives VPN of PIA for Netflix proxy error?

ExpressVPN and NordVPN are two of the most popular alternative to fix the Private Internet Access proxy error. Netflix America can be easily accessed on their all servers without any errors. Following I am sharing short introduction about both of them. This will help you decide that which alternative of PIA, Netflix proxy error will suits you most on the basis of price, downloading speed, payment options and a number of servers etc.

ExpressVPN – An alternative to solve Netflix proxy error:

expressvpn homeExpressVPN is the world most popular VPN provider. This company is famous because of their advanced VPN features which are hard to found at one place. They do not only allow you to hide your IP address and surf internet anonymously but it is one of those VPN company who also allows you to download torrent files without any restriction.

ExpressVPN has first introduced the concept of watching movies and TV shows of Netflix America which hit the people and everyone starts moving to ExpressVPN for this purpose. Even the company is very famous and there most users are those who are using their services for Netflix, but this company still able to get rid of the ban or block of Netflix. Yes, Netflix America has not blocked or banned any single server of ExpressVPN on their host which means that you can use it as an alternative to fixing PIA Netflix proxy error.


expressvpn pricesExpressVPN does not cheap. Their standard monthly plan cost $12.95 per month whereby purchasing their yearly plan, you can save 35% and reduce the monthly price to $8.32 per month. For new users, they are also offering 30 days risk-free options. This 30 days money back guarantee comes with very flexible policy. So, before actually moved to ExpressVPN from PIA to fix the proxy error, you have the option to take a trial of their services. There are about 50 different options available on ExpressVPN to make a payment which includes PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin and much more.

ExpressVPN USA netflixSpeed:

expressvpn speedThe servers of ExpressVPN are located in more than 100 different locations. The downloading speed on their entire server is ultra fast. They have maintained the quality of internet speed on their servers very well. Especially, the most VPN servers are located in the USA, which means that you can access Netflix America with so many VPN server options.

ExpressVPN USA netflixNordVPN – Fix PIA, Netflix proxy error

Moving from PIA to NordVPN is a wise idea. It is not because of Netflix proxy error only but also due to excellent security features which NordVPN is offering to their users. You can still watch all the movies and TV shows on Netflix on NordVPN servers because Netflix has not restricted their services on their VPN servers. This is because of excellent data encryptions features which have been offered by NordVPN to their users.

You can add extra layers of data encryptions with the help of security features of NordVPN where they also allow you to upgrade your account by purchasing dedicated IP address. They allow you to download unlimited torrent files, access to P2P file sharing networks and Netflix America etc.

get nordvpnPrice:

nordvpn pricesAs compare to other solutions, NordVPN is a quite cheaper option available to fix PIA Netflix proxy error. Their standard monthly plan cost only $11.95 per month but this price can be reduced to $3.29 per month if you purchase their 24-month package. Their yearly plan allows you to enjoy Netflix access in $5.75 per month. They do offer 30 days money back guarantee to new users where there are several options available to make payments which include PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoin and PaymentWalet etc.

get nordvpnSpeed:

NordVPN has about 1000+ VPN servers in different locations. Having so many servers at one place allow you to enjoy smooth downloading speed. If you face internet speed problem at one server, you can simply move to the next one. Their VPN servers are equally distributed all around the world but most of the servers are located in America. This is because maximum people can watch movies and TV shows on Netflix America. Their American based VPN server has the faster downloading speed. So, if you are choosing NordVPN to fix the proxy error then be happy because your screen will never get stuck or you will see the buffering massage ever while watching shows on Netflix America.

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