Private Internet Access Review 2017

pia reviewChoosing a VPN company is one of the most difficult decisions as you trust a company regarding your online privacy and security. It is true that every company who offers VPN services promised to provide best services but this is not true all time. If you explore the internet, you will found that many existing customers are not happy with their VPN providers. Some are worried because companies are not very clear about their privacy policy while other are not satisfied with the downloading speed. So, reading online review can make it very hard sometimes to decide which VPN company is best and why you should purchase etc.

Private Internet Access or PIA is a popular VPN company. It is one of the popular VPN company which is known for their high-quality features, cheap prices, and security which they are providing to their customers. It is true that people have mixed reviews of PIA but a majority of their customers are happy with their services while other prefers to use PIA’s VPN services due to their cheap prices.

It has been a quite time now since I am using PIA as my main resource to protect my online privacy. So, I have decided to share my experience with PIA in a detailed Private Internet Access Review below. So, if you are about to purchase PIA or want to purchase it in near future, then you should read this review as this will help you to decide that why you should or why you should not spend your money on their services.

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Price and Plans:

pia pricesThe monthly and yearly plan of PIA is one of the cheapest available in the market at the time. Their standard monthly plan starts from only $6.95 per month where the price can be reduced to up to 52% simply by purchasing their yearly plan which will cost you only $3.33 per month or $39.95 per year. They also offer a solution for those who want to enjoy their VPN services for six months only. Their six-month plan will allow you to save 14% or you will pay only $5.99 per month ($35.95 for six months). If you take a look, you will found their yearly package is one of the cheapest available to purchase. The price of their whole year package is just a few bucks higher than their six-month plan.

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Payment Options:

Expressvpn Payment Option

Several payment options are available on Private Internet Access website which includes all type of Debit and Credit Cards as long as they have visa logo on it, PayPal, Amazon pay, AliPay, ZCash and much more. You can also purchase a subscription of their monthly or yearly plan simply by paying through Bitcoin. There is no an extra service charge or fee while you are making payment to them. They have also included infamous payment methods like mint and OKPay so that every person can easily purchase their services.

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Money Back Guarantee:

Usually, the VPN companies offer 30 days money back guarantee. PIA offers only 7 days money back guarantee. This could be due to their cheap prices which you won’t find on other companies as well. This offer comes up with some rules to follow in which you can use an only limited number of GBs to take a test of their services. But I believe that this is enough to decide whether PIA is a good VPN solution for you or not. In this money back period, you will use their services as a full premium customer so you can take a trial of their VPN services as deep as possible for you.

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PIA offers an unlimited list of features. It is not possible to talk about all of them. So, I am writing about only those features which you must know before you purchase their monthly or yearly package.

No Traffic Logs: PIA allows you to download torrent files and also allow you to share files on P2P file sharing networks. For provide you full confidence in their services, they offer zero traffic logs in which they guaranteed you to not store and share information about their user’s activities with the third party.

Unlimited Everything: The low rates of PIA are not the only thing which should impress you but almost their unlimited features. They are offering unlimited bandwidth, server switch option and download speed on all of their plans. Although, they do not have any restriction on torrent. You can download as many as torrents you want.

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Advance Software: The advance software of PIA comes with many advanced features which are hard to found anywhere else. Their software allows you to blocks ads, malware, trackers and web cookies etc.

P2P Support: PIA is one of those few VPN Company who allows you to download unlimited torrent files. There is no restriction on a number of files to download where all torrent clients have been supported by PIA including BitTorrent and uTorrent.

5 Devices 1 Account: You can use your one PIA account on five different devices at a time. This means that you do not need to purchase extra or additional account to use VPN on your other devices. These devices could be any including iPad, Android Smartphone, laptop, and computer etc.

Secure VPN Solution: PIA offers multiple options to provide you a secure VPN account. They encrypted your Wi-Fi connection, offer multiple protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, and IPSec etc. Their online security features also include SOCKS5 proxy for free.

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Speed Test:

pia vpn speed

PIA has one of the biggest networks of VPN connection which is spread in 25 different countries. A number of total VPN servers which you can use by purchasing their monthly plan are more than 3252. It could be hard to found any other VPN company who offers that much VPN servers at such a cheap price. With the number of servers, you got the freedom to enjoy high-quality internet downloading speed. Defiantly, it is not possible for one to test downloading speed on their all servers but due to limited locations (only 25 countries), one can test at least one server from each country.

For the review of PIA, I have tested their internet speed on their several VPN servers and got surprised with the positive result. I think they have limited countries in their VPN server portfolio because they want to maintain their standards. Instead of adding every random country, they have located their VPN servers in those countries only where their users can enjoy fast downloading speed. I have received same internet speed which I was receiving on my internet without using any VPN connection. This is a great achievement for the company like Private Internet Access to their standard high. Most of their servers are located in countries like America, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and India. So you have a verity of servers available to enjoy the internet without worrying about your online security and privacy.

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Customer Services:

Private Internet Access has a detailed section to help their customers. Their knowledge bank, online tutorial and FAQ section is enough to solve your problems which you may face while you are using their services. But still, if you do not find a solution to your problem, then you have the option to submit a ticket or reached to their customer support team through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even Reddit. They do not have any option to send a direct email to their staff or get in touch with their agent through live chat which is a big negative point as this customer support services are in demand and users prefer to use these options before they think about other options.

While PIA comes up with a limited number of options to get in touch with their customer support team, but one thing which you should know about their team is the response time. The response time customer queries are really good as compare to other companies who also offer other options like live chat. So, you should not reject this VPN company just because of a limited number of options available to get in touch with their customer support team.

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  • Affordable! Cheap monthly and yearly plans available to purchase
  • More than 3000 VPN servers available to enjoy fast internet
  • Customized software which works with all popular operating system
  • PIA does not share any information about their users and offer Zero log privacy
  • Options like dedicated VPN services and others are available on all plans
  • Limited number of countries which ensure you high internet downloading speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth, downloading speed and server switch options
  • The advanced software allows you to block ads, trackers, virus, and malware etc.


  • Servers only located in 25 countries
  • only 7 days money back guarantee


Private Internet Access deserves 4.9 out of 5 and I am giving it this rating due to the number of pros which I have mentioned above. Yes, it does have a limited number of countries where their VPN servers are located but this does not make a big difference as their servers are providing fast downloading speed. PIA is a great solution for both users, home and business.


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