Proxy VS. VPN

proxy vs vpn

Most of us believe that Proxy and VPN work in the same way but this is not true. The motives behind using both of them are same but if you expecting to get same results from both of them, then you are wrong. Especially, people use proxy and VPN for security and privacy purpose but both, in reality, both of them work in a totally different way to provide security and online privacy to the users.

Before we go in detail to understand that which is better among proxy and VPN, first we should understand that how do both of them work. Because by getting their understanding, you can easily judge that, which is the better choice to hide your IP address, open blocked website and secretly visit those websites which are banned on your internet due to internet censorship policy of your country.

How does proxy work?

how proxy worksThe proxy provides you a way to hide your IP address (yes, only IP address) when you visit a website. The website does not get your information through cookies because proxy server hides it for you. But proxy provides you very limited freedom to do this because of proxy work more like a web filter and applied to web browsers only. This means that the online activities you are performing in other browser, applications and software are not completely hidden.

How does VPN work?

how vpn workVPN works in same way as the proxy work except, VPN provide a secure encrypted tunnel to your whole internet connection. Like the proxy, VPN is not limited to hide your IP address in a specific web browser. You can completely hide your internet activities, whether you are using torrent or an application on your mobile. In short, with the help of VPN, you can completely hide your online identity and also decide that which part of the internet you want to surf as an anonymous user.

visit hidemyassWhy is VPN better than Proxy?

As mentioned above, VPN provides you an ultimate solution to hide your online identity which is impossible to get leaked even by the company who is providing your VPN services e.g. VPN. But this is not the only reason which you should consider while purchasing VPN services from VPN. Following is the list of other advantages of using VPN over the proxy:

Proxy is not secure: Because your password, your web browsing history and important data can be seen by the proxy service provider until it is not dedicated proxy services e.g. offer to their VPN users.

Your information can be leaked: Hackers can easily get access to your internet activities if you share the same web proxy with them. Online proxies have been shared between different people at a time. The information gets leaked with the technique called SSL and TLS etc.

visit hidemyassProxy is web based: Most of the companies who are providing proxy services only offer the proxy for web suffering purpose only where on other hand VPN can be applied to overall internet traffic.

Slow internet speed: If you compare internet speed on VPN and web proxy, you will found that internet work very smoothly and fast on VPN this is because there are multiple users share the same server on proxy where VPN is totally dedicated to one user only. VPN provides the option to use both VPN and proxy for the same price. It is a good choice for those who want to try both of them before deciding which benefits them most. So, subscribe to their monthly package and see that which is better for you as per your needs.

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