PureVPN Review 2017

PureVPN is celebrating their 10th anniversary. Many people don’t know but this is one of the oldest company available out there who are offering VPN services to home and business users. Due to high reputation, quality services, and customer support, they have been in news many times. Many popular bloggers and the online newspaper have awarded them the title of best VPN solution including Mashable, The New York Times and CNet etc. Many people purchase their services just because of their popularity. But is that enough to trust in a company and spend your money? No, I believe that before purchasing any services you must take opinion from their current customers because no one else can define and tell you about their services.

get purevpn discountIt has been time since I am using PureVPN for my both personal and professional life. Overall I have a great experience with PureVPN. Yes, there have been some ups and downs but this does not make PureVPN a low quality of company to offer VPN services. The main reason behind using PureVPN is the number of online features they are offering related to security and privacy. So, if you are concern about your online privacy then I will highly suggest you purchase the basic plan of PureVPN and see how well its work regarding online security and privacy.

Following I am sharing a detailed PureVPN review with you. In this review, I will talk about their services in both negative and positive ways. Instead of just writing an overall review of PureVPN, I have decided the review in a different section which included price and plans, features, internet speed, customer support and much more. I hope that my detailed review of PureVPN will help you to decide that whether you should purchase their services or not.

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Price and Plans:

purevpn pricesPureVPN is offering three different types of plans. These plans are different from each other only on the basis of their prices; otherwise, you will enjoy the same number of features on all of them. The standard monthly price of their plan is only $10.95 per month which is indeed a bit expensive as compare to other companies who are offering VPN services. But wait, as their six months and the yearly plan will allow you to save up to 54%. Their six-month plan will cost you $8.95 per month in which you will save only 18% but their yearly plan will cost you only $5.90 per month. As per their website, it is a limited time offer but I have checked their website in past, they usually have the same rate throughout the year except they run special offers on different holidays.

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Payment Methods:

PureVPN is one of the oldest VPN company. Due to their reputation and high demand in public, they are offering about 50 different methods to make payment. Other than just accepting Credit Cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin, they are also accepting numerous coin payments methods, gift cards and other online payment solutions included PaymentWall, Ali Pay, and Cashu etc. So, if you cannot purchase VPN services on other companies’ website due to a limited number of payment methods then PureVPN is the place which you need to check out.

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Money Back Guarantee:

7 days money back guarantee has been offered to the new users only. This offer allows you to test their VPN services in detail. You will only able to get your money back if you have followed their money back guarantee rules and used only limited data within 7 days. This is not an unlimited 7 days money back guarantee which means that you have to use a specific number of GBs within 7 days. If you have more than that, you will not able to enjoy this offer. So, if you want to take a trial of their services, then make sure to read their money back guarantee rules and policy.

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If you visit feature section of PureVPN, you will found that they have divided their features into three sections. This is actually a great way of presentation and helps the users to understand that what the company is offering to their customer. Instead of talking about all their features, following I am only writing those which you must know about as you will be using them on the daily basis if you choose PureVPN:

Flexible Log Policy: PureVPN is a self-managed VPN company. They do not store and share any information about their users to the third party. This includes all type of information including the content your surf online.

256-bit Data Encryption: To provide maximum data security to their customers, PureVPN is providing 256-bit data encryption which guaranteed that your online data is protected and also safeguard your data from the hackers.

OpenVPN: PureVPN offers multiple protocols including OpenVPN which does not only provide you extra security but also fast internet speed. SO, it is a good option for those who are looking for speed and security at one place.

88,000+ IPs: By signing up with PureVPN, you will not only get access to hundreds of VPN servers but also access to more than 88,000+ IPs. These can be used to surf the internet anonymously. You can also use them for server switching.

NTS Firewall: Other than above security features, NTS Firewall is one must to discuss because it provides an extra layer of security which safeguard’s user’s devices from hackers.

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Speed Test:

There are about 600 VPN servers of PureVPN which are located in America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The majority of their servers are located in European countries and North America including 80 servers in Asian countries. Due to a big network of servers, you can actually enjoy the verity of internet downloading speed as you have always option to switch the server in case if you are not happy with the downloading speed of current VPN server.

Due to the big network of VPN, it is hard to test each and every server to know about the overall downloading speed of PureVPN servers. Usually, I use American and European based VPN servers for my personal and professional uses because the downloading speed on these servers is very fast. It is same which I got on my internet connection without using VPN services. I have also tested some of their servers located in Asian countries which are good to download torrent files. There was not much different in their downloading speed as well. So, for me, if you are looking for a VPN company which provides a stable and smooth downloading speed, then you must give a try to PureVPN.

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Customer Support:

When you visit at PureVPN website, you will be welcomed by their online agent. You can chat with her to get a solution to your problem which could be related to making payment, technical and other. Other than live chat option, you can also send the direct email to them which has a good response time. I am not sure how its work for a non-customer email does but they have a good response time to their customer questions. They also created a support center on their website for their customers. You can use this center to solve your problems by your own. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to understand it as they have been written for all type of users.

PureVPN also has an online community where you can get help through other people who are using PureVPN including their technical team. I have hardly get in touch with their customer support team as their customized software is easy to use while I did not face any technical problem yet. So, for me, customer support response time does not really matter but I am still writing here as it could be something important for our readers, especially those who prefer to be the customer of a company who is good in customer support.

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  • The downloading speed on PureVPN servers is outstanding
  • PureVPN has big network of VPN servers which are located in many countries
  • Single account of PureVPN can be used on 5 devices at a time
  • Customized software of PureVPN comes up with advanced features
  • Their software and application works with all major platforms
  • Software is compatible with more than 20 devices including Amazon fire etc
  • More than 600 VPN servers which are located in 141 countries
  • Zero log policy and 256-bit data encryption is provided to all users
  • The multiple protocols ensure and offer you high security all time
  • PureVPN also gives you access to 88,000 IPs and dedicated IP.


  • The monthly and six-month package is a bit expensive as compare to others.
  • Only 7 Days money back


I will rate PureVPN 4.9 out of 5 while its deserve complete 5 but monthly prices is a major point which should not miss here because most of the people purchase VPN services on the basis of their prices and plans. If you are looking for a long term VPN solution then their yearly plan offers you enough discounts to make the overall rating of PureVPN 5 out of 5.

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