Free proxy is not something new. Millions of people are using them since many ages to hide their IP address, unblock the blocked content and surf websites anonymously. Before other alternatives like VPN, free proxies were the only option to do all these things. But have you ever through that how safe these free proxies are? Today I am covering this hot topic for you which will help you understand the dangers of free proxy, why they are not good for you and what is the best alternative to the free proxy.

Just think for a second that why the companies who provides you offer free proxy spending thousands on servers? Defiantly, they are not doing it for charity purpose. They are doing it to earn money, about which we have no idea. For the free proxy company, we are not their customers but we are their product through which they earn millions. This happened through many different ways but among them, followings are the top ways and also the reasons which make free proxy dangerous for us.

1- Free proxies are not really free:

Free proxies are all about given and take. When you surf a website by using a proxy, you have been assigned with the identity of another person who is using a free proxy for the same reason. So, your identity is automatically given to a random person. Other than just that, your internet’s bandwidth has also been shared with the users. In short, not just your IP has been assigned to another user to use the free proxy but also your internet bandwidth to without your permission.

2- They are not secure at all:

Most of the free proxy websites do not allow you to visit HTTPS websites. HTTPS website is secure and purpose of these websites is to secure and protect your information from the hackers. At first, the free proxy website will allow you to surf such type of websites. In case, if they allow you then they will allow you to surf those websites without any protection (HTTPS will redirect to HTTP). By doing this, your online security has been completely sacrificed while any information you will share on those websites will be stored on the free proxy company’s server.

3- All of your information gets stored:

As mentioned above, the information is being stored on the company’s server. This information could be anything. It could your web browsing history, credit card number, PayPal login details and your login details to Facebook etc. The company who provides you the option to use free proxy may not use your information but at the same time, this information is freely available for the hackers and chances of getting hacked through free proxies are increased. Most of the online hacking attacks related to credit card theft have been done through a free proxy because the financial and other important information get stored on their servers.

4- Virus and hackers can attack easily:

The companies who offer free proxy options earn by serving ads on websites to the users. These ads are not filtered at all due to their low quality. Most of these websites can automatically start downloading a virus and other software which can be only removed by paying money to them.

Best alternative to free proxy:

Virtual private networks  (VPN) is the only alternative available at the moment for the free proxy. Unlike a free proxy, the company who offer VPN servers has their own private servers in different countries. This means that your IP address has not been shared with any users while premium VPN companies offer your multiple options, features, and tools to provide you data encryption, online security, and privacy.

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