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Is VPN Unlimited Good For Torrenting?

Is VPN Unlimited good for torrenting is a question which new users always asked before getting subscribe with VPN unlimited monthly, yearly or lifetime package. To get the answer to this question. I am sharing my experience with you. So, read this article till the end and get the answer to your question, is VPN Unlimited good for torrenting?

Torrent has changed the way of watching movies, purchasing software, games, and books etc. With the help of torrent, you do not need to spend any money to get complete access to digital products. But downloading torrent is not legal in most of the countries. Even the countries who allow you to download torrent files for free has some strict policies which the users need to follow, otherwise, they could face trouble. In past few years, we have seen that how police and government have arrested those who are promoting torrents. Some of the users in countries like USA and UK, even get arrested for downloading a small torrent file. But still, we have not seen any change (decrease) in the usage of torrent clients. Day by day, there are more people downloading free files from a torrent and they are not worried about law and regulation. How? Well, this has been possible with the help of VPN services. But not all companies who offer VPN services allow you to download torrent files.

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The VPN companies who comes up with the feature of torrent actually also comes up with many drawbacks. For example, due to torrent, you do not get stable downloading speed while the companies do not allow you to download torrent files on all of their VPN servers. Usually, this option is available on those servers which are located in the countries where there is no law against torrent exist. I know many people who get in trouble even after purchasing VPN services. No, No, I am not talking about legal stuff, I am talking about the downloading speed. So, it is very important to confirm that the company you have chosen for torrent actually offers you fast and stable downloading speed.

I have tested many servers of different VPN companies and got the good result but one company which impressed me with its fast downloading speed it VPN Unlimited. This company is also famous for its lifetime VPN package which Only Cost $499.99 $149.99. So, if you are the one who is looking for a reliable VPN company which allows you to download torrent files and also offer you fast downloading speed, then you must check out Unlimited VPN services.

Following I am sharing my experience and review about Unlimited VPN which will help you to decide whether VPN unlimited good for torrenting or not and why you should or you should not purchase VPN services from them.


The monthly package of VPN unlimited cost only $6.99 per month. In this price, you can download unlimited torrent files without any bandwidth and download speed restriction. But if you purchase the yearly package then the price will be decreased to $3.33 per month which is 50% less than their standard monthly package. The company also offer an option for those who are looking for lifetime torrenting solution. This package called infinity package or lifetime VPN in which you will pay the only fee once in your life and enjoy VPN forever without worrying about monthly or yearly payment. This package cost only $149.99 for whole life. According to the company, this is their temporary price. In near future, this price will be increased by 70%. So, subscribe to their infinity package right now if you want to enjoy torrenting for whole life without worrying about your privacy and online security.

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Money back guarantees:

The company offer 7 days money back guarantee to the new users. This is for the test driving purpose. By providing this option, the company actually build trust in their users and upcoming clients.

Payment methods:

All the popular payment methods option is available on VPN Unlimited website. You can purchase their monthly, yearly of infinity package by paying through Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bitcoins and much more.

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Other than just allow you to download torrent files, VPN unlimited is offering many other features which include:

  • Total security, including security of your data when you are using the internet on public Wi-Fi network
  • Assurity of your absolute privacy by not storing and keeping the information about their customers
  • Access to unlimited download speed, the internet, and bandwidth. The company even offering lifetime VPN package
  • You can use VPN on 5+ different devices at a time by using single account information
  • You can enjoy torrenting on more than 1000+ VPN servers which are located in 70+ countries
  • The customized software and application of VPN Unlimited available on all platforms including Linux.

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Downloading Speed:

Torrenting is only fun if you are able to grab the file within seconds or minutes (depends on the file size). If you are purchasing VPN Unlimited services only for the torrenting purpose then getting know about or getting aware about their VPN servers downloading speed is very important. For you, I have tested some of their VPN servers because testing all of them was impossible for me due to a numerous number of VPN servers located in more than 70+ countries.

I was shocked to see that VPN unlimited offer very stable and fast downloading speed on BitTorrent. Usually, the companies who allow their users to download a torrent file or use Bittorrent client on their VPN servers, restrict the downloading speed. But this does not happen with VPN Unlimited. I have downloaded torrent files on their servers bases in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Italy, India, Japan, China, and Luxembourg. The downloading speed of torrent was excellent. Frankly speaking, I did not feel any change in downloading speed whether using the internet through their VPN servers or using the internet without any VPN server.

You will receive almost the same downloading speed which you were getting without or before connected with VPN servers. For a VPN company, this is actually a big achievement and its shows that the company has spent well on these servers to give their customers an excellent experience of torrenting.

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Customer Services:

Customer services are one of the most important parts of the company which helps the users to decide whether the company care about their customers or not. VPN Unlimited offer several ways to get in touch with their customer support team. Among them, live chat is also included with 24 hours options. Their response time to the emails is also less than 1 hour even on weekend.

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If you are reading my review of VPN Unlimited from start, then you have realized my conclusion of your question is VPN Unlimited good for torrenting or not? Well, my answer is “it is an excellent solution for those who are concern about their privacy, law, regulation and online security while downloading torrent files.” This is because of the excellent services by the company including extra layers of security which they are offering to their customers. You can even purchase more security from the company to remove all sources through which it can be confirmed that whether you have downloaded a torrent file or not. But frankly speaking, there is no need for that because on their basic package they are already providing very strong layers of security to keep the data and privacy of their customers safe from any third party including government.

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