DNS Code Vs VPN Vs Proxy – Which Is better for American Netflix?


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Netflix is a popular website through which you can watch latest movies and TV shows but unfortunately, it does not work in the same way in each country. That’s why you need to use third party services like VPN, proxy and DNS code to watch complete list of movies and TV shows which are only available on American Netflix. In the start, Netflix was limited to the American users only due to which you need to use VPN to access Netflix America to watch movies and TV shows. With the passage of time, Netflix has expended their network. Today, their services are available in hundreds of different countries. But sadly they are available with limited features.

There are several ways through which you can watch movies and TV shows on American Netflix even if you are not living in America. These several ways include DNS code, VPN, and Proxy. For a person who is concern about his/her privacy should have knowledge about three of them before spending money on it as they three do provide the same solution but work in totally different ways which could affect your online privacy and cause the problem. In this article, I will discuss the major difference between DNS Code, VPN, and Proxy and help you to decide that which is better for American Netflix.

In the start, VPN and proxy were the only possible way to unblock American Netflix in any country but now a day DNS code services are also getting popular which is also known as Smart DNS. But what is the main difference between three of them and which one is better? To know that, first you need to know that how do these three services work.

What is DNS code and how its work on Netflix?

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Smart DNS or DNS code is a server which allows you to visit those websites which are blocked on your internet including Netflix. Unlike proxy and VPN, DNS code does not completely hide your IP address for all internet traffic but for specific traffic only. Your IP address can be viewed by anyone as DNS code does not encryption your online privacy or provide any extra feature in term of online security. To use DNS code, you need to change the setting of your router device. You add a temporary DNS address which can be tricked to visit unblock websites. To view movies and TV shows on Netflix, you need to get access to US based DNS first. DNS code is popular and people now a day are using it because it does not affect your internet speed. You receive the same downloading speed on streaming websites which you were getting on your internet before changing the setting of your router.

How its work:

DNS code allows you to connect with website simply by changing the location of your DNS server. But the website can track you back as the website does not send traffic to you through a DNS server but directly to your device. Your IP address does not get masked with any additional layer which means that there is zero encryption. Netflix server can recognize your location easily on the basis of your IP address while any third party or person including your internet provider can easily deduct your online activities. DNS code only works with Netflix until their server automatically blocked the DNS server which you are using for the access of Netflix America. Other than all this, DNS code does not affect internet speed as you get traffic from Netflix to your device directly without any third device or DNS server which is common methods in proxy and VPN.


  • DNS code allows you to open blocked websites
  • It can be used to bypass geo-fencing
  • DNS Code does not affect downloading speed
  • Smart DNS is easy to use and cheaper in price.


  • DNS code provides you zero encryption against your privacy
  • No security has been provided by DNS service providers
  • DNS code can be easily deducted by Netflix and get blocked
  • The risk of hacking on DNS code is very high
  • You required you configuring your router setting every time.


What are VPN’s and how and its work on Netflix?

how vpn work netflixVirtual private network or VPN is a network of private servers which has been located on different part of the world. VPN allow you to use the internet through different internet server which can be located anywhere in the world. It does not only change your location, IP address but also allow you to decide that which country’s location you would like to use while browsing websites. Currently, VPN is the most secure way to use the internet as an anonymous person. VPN is not only used by home users to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix but also by the companies to secure their business related information. You can not only bypass national censorship but also the content which has been censored by your internet provider. VPN has the ability to make secure all type of content which can be in writing from, video or graphic etc. Generally, the encrypted access to the Internet provided by VPN companies are very secure but the further security can be increased without spending any extra money with the help features which company offers you.

ExpressVPN USA netflix

How its work:

Unlike DNS code, VPN works in bit complex way. This complex process is the reason due to which you have been provided a secure way to watch movies on Netflix or browse any type of website. When you get connected with a VPN server, your all web traffic has been sent to the VPN server of your choice which later sent it to the website which you want to access. By this, it is impossible for the WWW to recognize the location of the original user. In DNS code, you get web traffic back directly from the website but it does not happen in VPN. The website sent content to the VPN server which you choose to connect and later the server sent it to you. This process makes it possible for you to hide your identity from everyone including your ISP.


  • VPN provides you a secure way to surf the internet
  • VPN provides you complete end to end encryption solution
  • Your IP address get completely masked by VPN companies
  • VPN comes with so many different features related to privacy
  • VPN works with all type of website, software, and application
  • Using VPN is much easy than proxy and DNS code or DNS smart server
  • You have freedom to change your location as per your choice
  • VPN companies provide so many online security related features.


  • Downloading speed on VPN depends on the speed of VPN server
  • The companies who provide high-quality VPN solution are bit expensive.

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What is Proxy and how its work on Netflix?

how proxy workA proxy server is the network of anonymity servers’ network which could be arranged by anyone including hackers and marketing companies. This is why proxy servers are usually available for free o use. Like VPN server, your web request has been sent to the proxy server which transmits it to the website you intended to visit. This allows you to hide your IP address from the intended website. Proxy servers can be located in any country and city but you have very limited control over it as compare to VPN.

How its work:

The proxy server works almost in the same way as VPN do except you get connected to a public proxy server which means that you have not been provided any type of data encryption at all. Your traffic has been sent to the proxy server which could be used by so many other users at a time.


  • Web proxy is usually free or available at very cheap rates
  • Proxy allow you to surf the internet anonymously and unblock websites
  • You do not need to require installing any additional software for the proxy.


  • Internet speed on Proxy is slow as single server is being shared with multiple users
  • Web proxy provides you very limited security over your online privacy
  • No encryption is guaranteed where the company who offer’s proxy can access your data
  • Internet connection on proxy is not always stable and connection drops are very common
  • On web proxy, you are sharing your internet speed with other users.


DNS Code Vs VPN Vs Proxy – What to use for Netflix America?

vpn vs dns vs proxy

It could be hard for a newbie to decide that which option is best among DNS code, VPN and Proxy for Netflix America but the comparison of these three different solutions above could give you some idea regarding the reliability of their services.

For Netflix, you would probably choose a service which is cheap; there is the compromise with internet speed and your online privacy. Although for the long term, the chances of getting blocked by Netflix America is very low or zero. It is true that DNS code provides you fast internet speed because it does not affect your internet speed at first place but DNS code does not provide you any type of data encryption which means that Netflix America can recognize your location on the basis of your IP address because it sends web traffic directly to your device. So, choosing DNS code would be a bad option as Netflix is becoming very restricted day by day and blocking all of these types of services which allow people of other countries to get access to Netflix America with the help of proxy and DNS code.

Proxy is cheap (and even available for free) but it comes with a lot of disadvantages. You did not get good internet speed while data encryption is very limited. Also, if you are the one who is very concern about your online privacy then proxy should not be in your list of choice for Netflix America as your online activities get stored on a proxy server which can be used for marketing purpose or by hackers to get illegal access to your device.

VPN is defiant, a bit expensive solution as compare to DNS code and proxy but in return, you get loads of options for your privacy, data encryption, and online security. Some VPN companies do have an issue with internet speed but if you choose a reliable company, then you won’t face this issue at all. Also, the best thing about VPN is the control over your activities. You can decide that which country’s VPN server you want to use which is not available in proxy and DNS code.

So, my conclusion is to use VPN to unblock Netflix America and watch latest movies and TV shows without worrying about internet speed and your privacy. Even if Netflix blocked a VPN server, then you have the option to switch to thousands of another VPN server with one click.

Why is VPN better choice for Netflix America?

VPN is better for Netflix America due to a number of features which you can enjoy on VPN servers. You get complete guarantee over your online security and data encryption where the network of VPN server has been billed by private users which mean that your activities do not get stored at any point. Even the company who provides you VPN services cannot access your online activities. In case if Netflix blocked a specific VPN server and show proxy error, then you have always an option available to switch to another American based VPN server within a second. You can’t have these options in other two options; DNS code and proxy.

How to choose VPN for Netflix?

There are dozens of companies out there who are providing VPN services. It could be very challenging to decide that which VPN is best for Netflix. While you are looking for one, you have to look for the following things:

  • The monthly cost should match with your budget and cost less than $15 per month. There should be six month and yearly plan available with discount
  • The VPN server’s network should be very big and spread all over the globe. It is better to choose the one which has the most countries and most number of servers
  • There should be many American VPN servers available so that you can surf Netflix America’s website easily and you have always option to switch to other American VPN servers
  • The company should provide you option to use their VPN services on multiple devices including TV, computer, mobile devices, laptop, and tablets etc
  • There should be load of features related to privacy, security and data encryption so that you can watch movies on Netflix without worrying about your online security
  • The VPN servers are not blocked by Netflix America and show you Netflix proxy error.

Sure, you may have different criteria to select a VPN company to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix but these things should consider to make the final decision as this could enhance your overall experience with Netflix and you can easily come up with a long-term solution to enjoy shows on Netflix America.

What makes ExpressVPN so special for Netflix America?

expressvpn for netflixIf you asked me, then ExpressVPN is the best choice for me. It fulfills my criteria to select a VPN company for Netflix America which I have mentioned above while it is some of those VPN company which still works fine with Netflix. None of their VPN servers is blocked by Netflix yet which means that you will never ever face Netflix proxy error on ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN USA netflix

The monthly and yearly prices of ExpressVPN are also very reasonable. Their standard monthly plan starts from $12.95 per month but if you purchase their yearly plan then you can get total 35% discount because it will reduce the monthly price to $8.32 per month.  ExpressVPN also offers 30 days money back guarantee which is actually a great news for those who are not sure about the worth and services of ExpressVPN. You can use this golden opportunity to take a trial of ExpressVPN services for 30 days and decide that whether ExpressVPN is really a good choice for Netflix America or not.

All three price plans of ExpressVPN comes up with same features and services which included unlimited monthly bandwidth, internet speed and option to switch servers. This also includes ultra-fast downloading speed so that you can enjoy TV streaming on Netflix without getting any buffering error.

ExpressVPN USA netflix

ExpressVPN has really big network of VPN servers. Their servers are located in 97 countries and total 148 cities. So, you can use their VPN services other than just using them on Netflix. Their network of VPN server covers all the popular countries around the world. Most of their servers are located in America. So, you have an option to use a wide range of VPN servers for Netflix America.

As mentioned above, your online security should be very important for you. This is why we prefer VPN for Netflix America as compared to proxy and DNS code. So, you must know about different data encryption options which ExpressVPN is offering to their users. They are also providing different protocols for security which includes OpenVPN protocol, PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP etc. Their network is SSL secured, chances to get hacked is zero where they are providing 256-bit encryption to all users so that their customers can use their services without worrying about their online security.

Single account of ExpressVPN can work on three different devices simultaneously. You have no need to purchase separate accounts for separate devices. Their VPN software is customized which is compatible with more than 20 devices including Apple TV and Android TV etc.

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ExpressVPN USA netflix


VPN is a better choice over DNS code and proxy due to the security reason. DNS code and the proxy do not provide you complete solution of data encryption. So, if you choose one of them for Netflix America then you can face problem to get blocked by Netflix. So, it is better to choose VPN as they are providing complete data encryption solution at very reasonable prices.

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